Error running Node JS in IISExpress and IISNode

I recently started playing around with Node JS, and have been going through TekPub’s BackBone JS tutorials (which uses Node for the backend). ¬ In the tutorial, Rob uses Webmatrix on Windows8, and I followed along, however, I ran into a problem the first time I tried to run the site using IISExpress and IISNode:

“The iisnode module is unable to start the node.exe process. Make sure the node.exe executable is available at the location specified in the¬ system.webServer/iisnode/@nodeProcessCommandLineelement of web.config. By default node.exe is expected to be installed in %ProgramFiles%\nodejs folder on x86 systems and %ProgramFiles(x86)%\nodejs folder on x64 systems.”

I went into the web.config file, and there is a commented out section for a bunch of different options for IISNode. ¬ One of them is nodeProcessCommandLine, which is the path to node.exe. ¬ On 64 bit systems, this is installed in Program Files, and even though the path was correct, IISNode refused to start. ¬ I did some searching and found this post on¬ StackOverlow, which suggested that there is a current bug in IISNode where it always looks for node in the 32 bit path (Program Files (x86)). ¬ The solution was to go back to Node’s website, and download and install the 32 bit version. ¬ This worked for me, but I was surprised that more people haven’t run into this issue, and the default install from Node is the x64 version. ¬ Hope this helps anyone else that runs into this problem.