Need to Reinstall VS2010 MVC Tools?

Last week, MVC 2 was released, and like many ecstatic developers, I grabbed the bits right away and downloaded them.  First, however, I uninstalled all the MVC2 RC bits I had, including the tools for VS2008 and VS2010.  Then I installed RTM, and… came to realize that this release was for VS2008 only.  Ok, no biggie, I can wait till VS2010 RTMs to use the final MVC2 bits, so I uninstalled RTM and reinstalled RC.  However, the bits that includes all the templates and tooling for VS2010 is not included in the RC release, only the tools.  Phil Haack had a post about it here

So I needed to get the tools reinstalled.  I knew I could probably uninstall VS2010 and reinstall, but I wanted to avoid that if I could.  Fortunately, in the comment section from the above blog post, there was a quick solution that worked.  Simply run \WCU\ASPNETMVC\VS2010ToolsMVC2.msi, and the tools will be reinstalled.  Yay for saving time.