New Year, blog, goals

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions.  I don’t think they work.  Every year people make resolutions and usually stop following them within a few weeks.  However, I do believe in making goals, so I don’t see any problem in making some goals for myself for 2009.  Here is a quick list of what I have planned:

Lose some weight:

I have ballooned up to 240 pounds.  Wow!  When I graduated high school a little over ten years ago, I weighted 140 pounds.  Working at a desk for ten years and having really poor eating habits has added a lot of stress to my frame.  I would like to get around 200 pounds over the next year.  I know having a goal of straight weight loss is not really a good goal, instead I would rather base it off of body fat percentages.  As soon as I get what my current body fat percent is, I’ll have a better idea of what to set my goals for.

Get a MCPD certification:

I’ve been studying to take the 70-536 .Net Application Framework Fundamentals for a couple of months now, and will be taking the test in about a month.  In 2009, I want to take the next two exams to complete the whole certification.

Take nine college courses:

I’ve been going to Regis University for the past four years.  I am about half way through my junior year.  Taking nine courses in 2009 will get me real close to completing my computer science degree in 2010.

Blog more often:

I want to start taking this blog more seriously and write regularly.  My goal will be to post weekly, whether it is updates to my 2009 goals or my adventures in technology.