Notes from Build Conference Day 1 Keynote

Here are my raw, unedited notes from today’s Build conference keynote that I took while watching the live stream.  I don’t make any claim they are 100% accurate, but just what I interpreted as I heard them.

·         Windows 8 will run all windows 7 apps? Even on ARM?

·         Themes

o   Remimaging windows

o   Metro style apps

§  Full screen

§  Immersive

§  Touch enabled

§  Fast and fluid

·         Performance gains

o   Windows 8 running lower resources than windows xp?

o   Less memory

§  540 vs 281mb   

·         Picture password

o   Touch based password entering

·         Home screen shows data at a glance

o   Email

o   Appointments

o   Etc.

·         Windows 8 has a similar win7 interface as well

·         Windows 8 has a very metro (wp7/xbox) style interface

·         Share App?

o   Semantically rich clipboard

o   Contracts?

·         Settings sync across multiple systems

o   Login profile pic

o   If used with a windows live id

§  Wonder how it works with ad login


·         Apps should work together as a web of apps on your machine

·         Windows 8 apps written in

o   Html5 / js

§  Native controls being called from js

·         Windows ui controls

§  Client apis being exposed to javascript

§  Expression Blend 5 to edit HTML5 apps for win8


o   Xaml/Silverlight

§  Existing Silverlight app taken and made to work like a metro app

o   If you write app in html5/xaml it will just run on ARM processors


·         Windows App store for purchasing win8 apps

o   Will show were in the process the app certification is at in app hub

o   Devs will get tech compliance tools to make sure their apps meet requirements

o   Plus over apples controlling model

o   Will list win32 apps (quicken) in app store as well

·         Windows 8 bootup super fast

o   Almost booted up in the same time that the monitor took to come on

·         Demo Gremlins – lol

·         New power state that uses ultra low power

·         Resolution support

o   1024 width – metro apps run

o   1366 width – side by side is possible

·         Tap 2 share

o   Cards have antennas (rfid?) that can give info to machine just by tapping

·         Lots of work built into connectivity to allow for roaming between 3g and wifi

·         Samsung windows developer pc

o   1 year of 2gb/mo included

o   4gb ram

o   64gb ssd

o   Sensor

o   Usb

o   Dev preview of win8

o   Made for developers

o   Has samples and sdks shown during keynote

·         Windows 8 as a professional platform

o   Keyboard/mouse/dual monitors

o   Can use pin based security

o   Roll mouse down in bottom left hand corner brings up start menu

o   New task manager has improved view of cpu/memory/disk usage

o   Refresh your PC without losing your files

§  Keeps metro apps

§  Non metro apps will need to have a command line tool ran to do a refresh (ie visual studio)

o   Reset your PC will be just like a fresh clean install

o   Remote desktop will allow touch interface

o   Hyper v in the windows client?

o   Up button in explorer takes you to parent directory

o   Background images will now span multiple monitors

o   Just typing at the start screen will bring up search