Notes from Build Conference Day 2 Keynote

Just like yesterday, here are my raw notes from watching the Build day 2 keynote.  Also just like yesterday, I don’t guarantee the accuracy of these Smile

Day 2 keynote

·         Theme

o   Windows server 8, azure, vs2011

·         Multiplayer game between wp7 and windows 8 communicating through azure

·         Productivity power tools has 1m + dl

o   Installed by default in vs2011

·         VS 2011

o   Find matching clones

§  Finds code similar to selected text?

o   Image editor built into vs2011

§  Loading of 3d model directly in vs

o   DOM explorer

§  Kind of like firebug inside of vs

§  Clicking a link will open the server side file in vs  `              

·         MVC4

o   New template

§  Uses html5

§  Works with mobile devices well

o   New async keyword used for controllers

o   Mobile optimize

§  Theres a new mobile template

§  jQuery mobile will ship by default in


·         ASP.NET

o   Bundling and Minification

§  Automatically minifies & combines and includes css/js

§  Similar to pipeline in rails?

o   WebSocketHandler

§  New handler built for web sockets?

§  New in .net 4.5

o   Quick deploy to Azure

·         .Net 4.5

·         TFS 2011

o   Team Foundation Service hosted in azure

o   Activation code included in packet to use tfs in azure

·         Windows Server 8

o   Storage spaces

§  JABOD – just a bunch of disks

o   Virtual Machine

·         Azure

o   Data platform

§  Sql azure

§  Table storage

o   Access Control Service

§  To keep devs from writing tons of code for access

·         Reimagining Microsoft

o   New hardware

o   Cloud services

o   New app scenarios

o   New dev opportunities

·         WP7.5

o   30k apps

o   New phones coming

·         Estimating 350+ installations of windows shipping this year